Baseband PHYs

OFDM transmission technology is spectrally efficient and very robust to harsh wireless channel environments. It is widely applied in wireless communication systems providing high rate transmission capability coupled with high bandwidth efficiency as well as robustness to multi-path fading and multi-path delay. Its frequency selectivity feature allows the users to disable certain OFDM subcarriers to prevent interfering with the others and makes the technology extremely robust against frequency selective fading transmission conditions.

Noesis Technologies ntOFDM_BBP is a custom baseband processor, which implements the physical layer of an OFDM, time division duplexing (TDD) system. The baseband processor includes both transmission and reception bit-level and symbol-level processing chains including a sophisticated synchronization unit. The host interface is based on AXI-stream protocol. This custom system implements a subset of 802.16d standard functional options/features and is highly configurable via the integrated register-file. An RF interface module is also included, compatible with Analog Devices AD9361 RF transceiver.

IP Part NumberDescriptionProduct Brief
ntOFDM_BBPOFDM Baseband Processor
ntGhn_BBPHome PLC Baseband Processor
ntG3_BBPSmart Grid PLC Baseband Processor