Headquartered in Patras Science Park, Greece, Noesis Technologies is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company, that specializes in the design, development and marketing of high quality, cost effective, advanced communication IP cores and provides expert ASIC/FPGA design services in telecom area. Our mission is to provide a complete portfolio of hardware acceleration telecom IP cores that will enable our customers to meet their design requirements in terms of function and performance, their expectations in terms of quality and service as well as their time to market goals. Noesis Technologies is the technology enabler, providing innovative solutions that transform our world to a better place to live in.

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The Noesis Technologies Advantage

Our IP cores present an industry leading combination of high performance, low power and low silicon area, as well as are highly parameterized for adaptability to a wide range of applications. Noesis offers a complete portfolio of forward error correction, security, networking, audio/voice/data compression, telecom DSP IP Core solutions including OFDM baseband processors for narrowband, broadband powerline and wireless physical layers.

Noesis Technologies is also active in the development of integrated telecommunication systems that can be used in education as well as in Research and Development applications. In the framework of this activity Noesis team has developed ComLab™ which is a cost efficient highly integrated development environment (IDE) that enables a system designer to rapidly build, configure and evaluate in real-time the performance of complex telecommunication systems.

In addition, Noesis offers expert ASIC/FPGA and DSP development resources, with access to all major ASIC/FPGA design flows that enable our customers to launch their products in the market on time and with the highest quality assured. Our highly skilled engineering team has in depth expertise in software modeling, hardware design and implementation of complete systems mainly focused on data networking, audio, video, consumer, embedded processors and military market segments.

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Quality and Support

Through our stringent design methodologies we ensure the highest quality on our cutting-edge products that is backed-up by our excellent technical support and warranty policies.