Voice & Data Compression

Voice compression technology is widely used in digital communication systems such as wireless systems, VoIP, and video conference technology. Voice compression reduces data redundancy and thus eases bandwidth requirements. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has standardized a number of speech compression algorithms for a variety of compression rates as well as Mean Opinion Scores (MOS).

Noesis Technologies provides a series of silicon IPs of the most popular voice codecs (G711, G726, G729, CVSD), providing compression rates ranging from 64 kbps down to 8 kbps. In addition, Noesis Technologies offers a proprietary implementation of Huffman block differential lossless data compression algorithm. This core is ideal for use in low power applications like Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) as well as any other application with slow changing nature of data, to fully benefit from the differential nature of the algorithm.

IP Part NumberDescriptionProduct Brief
ntG711A/u law 64 kbps codec
ntG726ADPCM 16/24/32/40 kbps codec
ntG729CS-ACELP 8 kbps codec
ntHUFFHuffman compression engine