Noesis Technologies has developed a broad library of channelized E1/T1, E2 & E3 framer/de-framer IP Core solutions that can be used in a variety of time division multiplexing (TDM) applications including wireless base transceivers, digital subscriber line access multiplexers, voice gateways, private branch exchanges (PBXs), optical network units (ONUs), integrated access devices (IADs), routers and test equipment. The ntE1_G704 and ntT1_G704 cores are fully compliant with Dallas Semiconductor DS2186/DS2187 transmit/receive line interface units.

In addition Noesis Technologies, offers the ntHDLC core that implements a single-channel controller for the High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) protocol that can be used in public networks employing the X.25 communications protocol, xDSL transport, frame relay and ISDN applications.

IP Part NumberDescriptionProduct Brief
ntE1_G704E1 Framer/Deframer
ntT1_G704T1 Framer/Deframer
ntE2_E3E2 & E3 Framer/Deframer
ntHDLCHigh Level Data Link Controller